Tradays expands the economic calendar, adds France

Tradays expands the economic calendar, adds Italy

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has just announced that Tradays has expanded the economic calendar geographically by adding France on top of the US, European Union, Germany, Japan, UK, Canada, Switzerland, China, Australia and New Zealand.

By keeping an eye on the macroeconomic indicator value, traders can buy or sell currency (above the relevant forecast – buy, below the relevant forecast – sell). The higher the difference between the forecast and the actual data, the stronger the market reaction.

Now traders will always stay informed on the releases of 28 French economy indices (and over 600 indicators for all countries), from the Harmonised CPI to the National Budget Balance.

The economic calendar can be used via its web version or the mobile app:

  • Tradays for iOS
  • Tradays for Android

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