Tradays expands the economic calendar, adds Germany

Tradays expands the economic calendar, adds Germany

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has just announced that Tradays has expanded the economic calendar geographically by adding Germany on top of the US, European Union, Japan, UK, Canada, Switzerland, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Data on upcoming macroeconomic events is gathered from public sources in real time. Historical, current and forecast values, as well as importance characteristics are available for each calendar event.

German events are divided by sectors:

  • markets,
  • GDP,
  • labor,
  • prices,
  • trade,
  • business and
  • consumer.

By regularly checking the app, traders remain aware of the releases of 41 indices – from the Unemployment Rate and Consumer Price Index to Bond and Note Auctions.

The free economic calendar for fundamental market analysis is available as a web version and as applications for mobile devices:

  • Tradays for iOS
  • Tradays for Android

A special widget allows anyone to embed the calendar to their site or blog enriching its content and attracting new traders. Simply insert a few code lines to enable the calendar widget and provide your visitors with a ready-to-use tool for monitoring macroeconomic events.

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