PSB-Forex offers MetaTrader 5 to traders

PSB-Forex, retail forex brokerage subsidiary of second tier Russian commercial bank Promsvyazbank, just announced that the services of the licensed bank forex dealer are now available for retail clients.

Last April, the company became the eight licensee, which received the license of the Central Bank for the rendering of services in the Russian OTC market.

A framework agreement with LLC “PSB-Forex” can be concluded remotely via the online Agent’s bank – Promsvyazbank PJSC. The online bank also allows deposit of funds to a special section of a nominal account. Withdrawal of funds from a trading account is free of charge.

Sergey Maslennikov, Managing Director, PSB-Forex

When choosing a trading platform for our clients, our decision was unanimous. MetaTrader 5 revolutionary solution has no competitors in the market”, said Mr Sergey Maslennikov, Managing Director of PSB-Forex. “It is easy to be mastered while it features broad capabilities and remains suitable for traders of all skill levels. The built-in development environment allows implementation of the most ambitious trading ideas. Multiple public services and a well-developed community of users with a long history constitute an indispensable ecosystem. MetaTrader 5 meets the highest requirements in terms of stability and security, while providing flexibility, and an ease of customization with ever-expanding functionality. All this is the result of many years of creative work of the company, which rightfully occupies the position as the industry’s sole leader. We are pleased to be at the forefront of the regulated Forex market together with MetaQuotes Software Corp. and offer MetaTrader 5 PSB Forex to our traders!

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