Exclusive: Capital.com raises $25 million, pays $1.5 million for URL, launches trading app

capital.com mobile cfd trading app

LeapRate Exclusive… Following our earlier exclusive reports that mobile trading focused online CFDs broker Capital Com SV Investments Limited had received a CIF license from CySEC back in April, and that the Capital.com website had gone live in June alongside the company’s trading apps (in beta mode), we have now learned that Capital.com has raised a staggering $25 million from institutional investors Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital.

We have also learned from industry sources that the company last year paid $1.5 million for the capital.com URL.

VP Capital is a tech and real estate investment company founded and run by Belarusian online entrepreneur Viktor Prokopenya. Capital.com is one of several tech related investments Larnabel has made alongside the London / Minsk based VP Capital.

Capital.com has also announced today that its mobile trading apps have gone to full-on live mode from the aforementioned beta. Capital.com’s namesake app allows users to trade CFDs on commodities, stocks, and indices from their mobile devices. The company has also moved into live mode its educational app, Investmate, which provides content and training for new and amateur traders.

According to the company, using sophisticated algorithms and proprietary technology, the Capital.com app allows users to trade commodities, stocks, and indices from their mobile devices. The app will feature an innovative “Smart Feed” function, powered by fast-learning artificial intelligence technology, which will deliver tailored news feeds, analysis, and research materials based on users’ in-app behavior. By analyzing users’ activity in real-time, the “Smart Feed” function will also able to identify common trading biases and behavioral patterns and can then feature targeted educational content in the event these biases are detected.

Capital.com’s sister app we noted above, Investmate, serves as a supplementary educational tool for beginners. The app delivers a range of educational content, including interactive courses, quizzes, articles, and videos, aimed at teaching amateur traders about investment best-practices in order to help them become responsible, informed participants in the market.

Viktor Prokopenya VP Capital

Viktor Prokopenya, VP Capital

Viktor Prokopenya, Founder of VP Capital, said,

The fintech industry is evolving at a rapid and exciting pace, and there is significant opportunity for start-ups to leverage technology in groundbreaking, disruptive ways and make a long-term, positive impact on society at large.  By harnessing the power of AI, particularly through its advanced ‘Smart Feed’ function, Capital.com seeks to educate and inform users and promote a thoughtful, intelligent, and sophisticated approach to trading, while helping to expand market access.

Kira Bondareva Capital.com CEO

Kira Bondareva, Capital.com CEO

Kira Bondareva, CEO of Capital.com, said,

One of the most exciting aspects of Capital.com’s app is its ability to identify – and work to correct – common behavioral biases, which are proven to have a negative impact on investors’ trading results. By taking advantage of the most advanced AI technologies, Capital.com is able to analyze traders’ behaviors in real time, subscribe them to bespoke educational channels, and then, based on their activity, provide instructions on how to avoid certain biases, such as either the overconfidence bias or disposition effect.  We believe that Capital.com will be a valuable resource and platform for every type of investor, from the savvy, sophisticated trader to someone who is still learning how to navigate the market.

Both apps are available for smartphones and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store in the European Union.

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