B2Broker’s Trader’s Room now with a free IB module

B2Broker's Trader’s Room now with a free IB module

Liquidity and tech provider of solutions for the crypto and FX industry, B2Broker has just announced that it has launched a special offer to new clients of Trader’s Room. The company will now offer new Trader’s Room clients integration with its IB Module free of charge for 6 months, providing a highly effective affiliate program software solution for brokerages looking to boost their forex affiliate earnings potential.

Trader’s Room is the main platform of any financial company that deals with clients that enables you to verify and register customers according to the norms of any regulations, accept and send payments, make deposits and withdrawals, open accounts on trading platforms, and a wide range of other tasks.

B2Broker has recently integrated 5 new payment systems into its Trader’s Room platform.

The IB Module is a lucrative affiliate marketing software solution for brokerages and is a proven way to attract new clients. It works by enabling your users to earn revenue by referring traders and start receiving commissions when a referred trader opens an account and starts trading in real market.

By integrating the IB Module with Trader’s Room, you can offer several types of fees: by lots and by volume, referral links, banners, multilevel support, information on managing partners and their data, the option for partners to manage and track information about their customers, calculation and accrual of partner’s commissions to a personal account and statistical analysis.

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