Forex4you launches new partner program with up to $50 per lot commission

logo-eglobalRetail broker Forex4you, part of the E-Global Trade & Finance Group announced today they’ve launched a new partner program called ProSTP Markup. The goal is for partners to earn more by attracting traders to the firm’s ProSTP accounts.

The new partner program allows partners to determine flexible commission markups for clients. You can choose up to the following client commission: $5, $10, $18, $33, $43 or $53 per standard lot, where $3 is the fixed commission by Forex4you and the rest of the amount is your partner reward.

If attracted clients use other types of accounts for trading, partners will receive the following partner reward, if traders meet MTP (Minimum Trade Point) conditions:

  • 65% of spread for Cent and Classic accounts
  • 65% of spread and commissions for Cent NDD and Classic NDD accounts

New ProSTP Example:

If you set your partner reward $15 per standard lot, according to the “ProSTP Markup 15” program, the total commission for affiliated clients would be $18 per standard lot, where $15 is your partner reward and $3 is the fixed commission for the broker.

Forex4you notes that commission for ProSTP accounts is calculated in the base currency. The examples mentioned above show client commission for currency pairs where USD is the base currency.

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