Your Bourse and FastMT team up to deliver security solution for MetaTrader brokers

Forex technology company Your Bourse has just announced it is partnering with FastMT to release an MT4 Datacentre / MT5 Access as a Service product. The new product will deliver optimal connectivity and ultra-low latency to MetaTrader brokers. Your Bourse and FastMT have combined their expertise and experience working in the FX/CFDs industry to develop a solution that responds to the needs of an MT4 / MT5 broker and their global client base.

Andrey Vedikhin, Founder and CEO/CTO Your Bourse, commented:

Andrey Vedikhin, Your Bourse

Andrey Vedikhin
Source: LinkedIn

An ongoing challenge for the market is having clients across different locations in the world. For this reason, we now offer MT4 Datacenter / MT5 Access as a Service which addresses this challenge helping brokers to minimise network latency and rejects when receiving quotes while trading and therefore improving their trading experience.

FastMT analyses trade flows and enables faster and safer connectivity with MT4 and MT5 servers, receiving prices in real-time anywhere in the world for ultra-low latency. With the new solution brokers can take advantage from ongoing monitoring, analysis and optimisation of latency and therefore protecting the margins of their business and offering better services to their end clients.

Your Bourse and FastMT team up to deliver security solution for MetaTrader brokers

The FastMT solution is customised for each broker, analyses latency in real-time to find the optimal location for access servers and delivering ultra-low latency for each global client. The solution is offered as a subscription service allowing ongoing monitoring of latency by Your Bourse and FastMT, and providing ongoing savings to the broker.

Aytugan Khafizov, an independent MetaTrader consultant and the owner of FastMT, added:

Aytugan Khafizov, FastMT

Aytugan Khafizov
Source: LinkedIn

Your Bourse offers already an industry-leading hosting solution, and we are excited to enhance this by adding FastMT through our partnership. All brokers can now benefit from an improved solution through real-time trading connection monitoring and analysis, boosting connectivity for optimal latency and reliable security anywhere in the world.

Your Bourse FastMT is the latest addition to services on Your Bourse Platform-as-a-Service, improving the trading experience of their clients.

Your Bourse recently released their portal. The new features on the portal enabled brokers to have more control and maximise profitability through customisation of settings and dashboards.

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