TradingScreen Inc. teams up with ITG

TradingScreen Inc. (TS), the all-asset class order and execution management system (OEMS), has just announced a strategic collaboration with ITG, an independent broker and financial technology provider. The collaboration will result in an integrated solution that allows TS customers to access ITG real-time analytics at the single-order and portfolio levels.

Providing valuable insight into the implications of trading decisions on the fly, this solution brings pre-trade analysis directly into the workflow and will help traders manage order flow as well as anticipate and mitigate execution risk. ITG specializes in transaction cost analysis (TCA) and ITG Pre-Trade Analytics offers market impact estimates through the Agency Cost Estimator (ACE) model and indications of trading conditions through the proprietary market indicators.

We are pleased to collaborate with TradingScreen to deliver ITG’s market-leading pre-trade analytics to our mutual clients,” said Kevin O’Connor, Managing Director for Analytics at ITG. “TradingScreen has provided traders the access and information needed to perform at their best.

ITG Pre-trade analytics full integration within TS’ one-touch OEMS workflow solution, TradeSmart®, seeks to deliver more accurate cost estimates and support better returns for investors.

Additional features include:

  • Synchronization with TS’ live order blotter
  • Insight into real-time trading conditions via access to ITG key analytics, including Transaction Cost estimates (ACE Model) and Smart Market Indicators
  • Seamless integration and access to all of ITG’s embedded analytics widgets
  • Analytics support from ITG on single or list orders in global equities across more than 70 countries

TradingScreen is the industry’s most comprehensive and compliant technology suite available and we will continue to cultivate relationships with industry leaders to further benefit our customers,” said Varghese Thomas, TradingScreen Chief Strategy and Operating Officer. “ITG pre-trade analysis will offer traders even more confidence in their decisions, whether it’s a single trade or portfolio orders, as this solution helps decrease risk and trading costs.

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