StoneX Group announces stock ticker symbol change to SNEX

Financial services provider StoneX Group Inc. announced yesterday that will now be traded under the NASDAQ ticker symbol: SNEX.

With the stock ticker symbol change, the company finalizes its rebranding to StoneX.

StoneX recently changed its name from INTL FCStone Inc. (formerly traded under NASDAQ: INTL) earlier last month with approval in the majority vote at the company’s shareholder meeting in June. The name change took effect yesterday.

StoneX Group announces stock ticker symbol change to SNEX

INTL FCStone announced its filling to the US Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the rebranding to StoneX earlier in May 2020.

The company said that its old name, INTL FCStone, reflects the merger between International Assets Holding Corporation and FCStone Group from 2011. After operating with the same name for nine years, the board is planning to adopt a new corporate name.

In the beginning of June, global provider of online trading services GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. announced that the set forth in February merger was approved in stockholders vote.


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