Paysafe and Google expand their partnership

Paysafe extends Google partnership in 5 new countries

Specialized payments platform Paysafe announced las week that its collaboration with Google Play Store has expanded into 6 more countries. The eCash solution paysafecard will be available as payment option from Google Play in Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The partnership originally launched the paysafecard in Poland. The payment option was later accepted in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Cyprus and Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Greece followed.

The paysafecard allows customers to use cash for online shopping without requiring bank account or credit card. Payments are carried out with the purchase of a 16-digit PIN, it also allows for combining credit balances through an online account. The payment method benefits customers without bank account or credit cards, or who do not want to share their financial information online and allows them to participate in the digital marketplace. Statistic shows that 68% of transactions across the EU are still done in cash.

Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard, said:

Udo Müller

Udo Müller

With paysafecard, people can shop online quickly, conveniently and securely, even if they don’t have a bank account or simply don’t want to enter their data online. Collaborations with brands such as Google are an integral part of our growth story and enable paysafecard to support the needs of millions of customers around the world.

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