Optimove acquires email personalization tool DynamicMail

Optimove, makers of the Science-first Relationship Marketing Hub, announced that it acquired DynamicMail business from PowerInbox, a leader in email real-time personalization and dynamic subscriber engagement.

The first real digital marketing tool, email is still one of the most effective platforms in relationship marketing. That said, there is a huge opportunity to bring the type of personalization and interaction available in other channels to the inbox,” said Pini Yakuel, CEO and Co-Founder of Optimove. “The acquisition of DynamicMail strengthens Optimove’s existing email capabilities and provides advanced email solutions for smart marketing teams.

PowerInbox developed DynamicMail to automatically transform static email HTMLs into dynamic, interactive content so recipients get content that is updated for relevancy in real-time upon open. These capabilities will enhance Optimove’s existing email product, Optimail. Current and new users of Optimove will have access to these features.

Emotional intelligence is a key element in relationship marketing today, and PowerInbox’s dynamic email technology offers great value to 300+ brands who use Optimove to communicate more effectively with their customers, and provide outstanding customer experiences,” commented Yakuel.

The acquired dynamic email innovations include real-time database reach and personalized optimization. These capabilities allow marketers to ensure that their emails refer only to products and services that are most relevant at the moment the recipient opens an email. For example, the technology excludes products from view that are not currently in stock, or put forth product recommendations specific to weather conditions at the reader’s current location. PowerInbox’s email components also enable additional highly engaging content, such as video, countdown timers, store locators and carousels.

We see this as an amazing opportunity to join a great company, with a similar background,” shared Shefa Weinstein, General Manager of DynamicMail, who will join Optimove’s roster along with approximately 10 employees. “It’s the perfect match, and I look forward to combining our product with Optimove’s impressive capabilities.

Optimove’s acquisition of DynamicMail follows the company’s introduction of Optimove 6.0 in late 2017, and underscores the company’s commitment to offering smart marketers everything they need to take a scientific approach to relationship marketing.

By acquiring DynamicMail, Optimove provides a unique complement of solutions in email products and features, as well as greater service. It is additional acceleration in an already existing momentum of the company’s growth,” concluded Yakuel.

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