OANDA adds new Chasing Returns functionality to all platforms

Forex trading platform OANDA, announced yesterday the strengthening of its partnership with Dublin-based FinTech firm Chasing Returns. OANDA’s platforms will be able to offer now expanded suite of capabilities, utilizing behavioural science research to help improve trading performance. The collaboration expands on the already integrated in 2018 Chasing Returns’ risk management technology into OANDA’s trading platform, providing retail clients with access to its Trading Performance Management portal.

Based on Chasing Returns’ understanding of behavioural science, the Trading Performance Management portal already provides an extensive view into individual trading habits. This allows OANDA’s clients to take advantage of personal analytics immediately and to better understand their own behavioural biases such as if they are more successful on a specific day or when they are dealing with a particular product.

The new evolved partnership will provide OANDA’s clients with access more advanced Chasing Returns features across all platforms such as:

  • Gameplan Pro – includes trading insights with focus on the psychological aspect of the individual trader’s performance
  • A new goal – enables traders to set targets
    PlayMaker – allows traders to monitor risk in real-time and set take profit and stop-loss levels
  • OANDA Performance Statements option – it enables traders to keep daily records and download statements on demand that contain Chasing Returns performance data and market insights along with their account history.

Mohsin Siddiqui, Chief Client Officer at OANDA commented:

Mohsin Siddiqui

A FinTech firm at heart, OANDA has long been dedicated to providing clients with access to state-of-the-art trading tools that utilise cutting-edge technology to help them be more successful. As such, extending our ongoing relationship with Chasing Returns was an obvious choice, introducing new features and advanced functionality to our OANDA Trading Management Portal that clearly add value to clients by showing how a better understanding of inherent individual trading biases can lead to improved discipline and portfolio profitability

CEO of Chasing Returns Ann Hunt stated:

We’re delighted to have extended our relationship with OANDA , exploring new ways we can work together to help their clients succeed. Based on behavioural science, our tools have been specifically designed to provide deep insights into individual trading strategies, providing a clear line of sight over when each individual is most – and least – successful, enabling them to enjoy a more objective view that could help maximise success. We hope this will help create a competitive edge in the trading strategies of OANDA clients all over the world.

Siddiqui added:

We look forward to further building on the foundations of our partnership with Chasing Returns in the coming years to continue to make more insightful risk management tools available to our clients.

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