Confluence and ICE Data Services to help firms meet SEC Modernization reporting requirements

Confluence, the investment data management automation company for regulatory, financial and investor reporting, today announced an agreement with ICE Data Services, which is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), to help asset managers meet their compliance obligations with respect to SEC Modernization and other regulatory reporting requirements.

With the implementation of SEC Modernization, the increased frequency and depth of reporting required by Form N-PORT and Form N-CEN present asset management professionals with unprecedented challenges to their back-office operations. This relationship between ICE Data Services and Confluence will provide asset managers with the required content, data management and reporting capabilities to help meet their compliance needs, with Confluence providing the RegTech data management and reporting solution and ICE providing financial market data and analytics expertise.

ICE Data Services will help Confluence clients cover the analytics requirements of these regulations, including the calculation of market risk sensitivities at the portfolio- and position-level, as well as properly classifying funds’ investments according to prescribed liquidity categories. Combined with other analytics, including reference data, ICE Data Services provides necessary components designed to facilitate compliance with the SEC’s monthly reporting requirements of Form N-PORT and annual filing with Form N-CEN.

The advent of SEC Modernization has radically altered the playing field for asset management back offices,” said Todd Moyer, Chief Operating Officer at Confluence. “Fund managers are faced with an ongoing challenge to obtain the data they need to comply with new requirements. While Confluence has become the go-to provider for the industry, our model depends upon partnerships with the best market data and analytics providers, exemplified by ICE Data Services.

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