B2Broker adds new features to its B2Core system in new update

Technology and liquidity provider for the FX and crypto industry, B2Broker, has revealed a series of new updates for its client cabinet solution (CRM), B2Core.

The B2Core mobile app now has a new interface, allowing users to have the same same dashboard functionality as the desktop version. Its Help Desk has also been improved by granting access to users to a complete system via the app with customer management, verification confirmation and the ability to create a ticket in Helpdesk.

B2Broker also noted that a converter is anow available in the mobile app, providing interface for a crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto exchange. Additionally, the company has made available a verification module, in partnership with Sumsub.

B2Broker updates B2Core

B2Broker said in the official statement:

SumSub MobileSDK integration provides advanced and highly customizable Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures that enable business owners to avoid legal department costs. SumSub MobileSDK integration takes care of KYC procedures as it is done automatically,” B2Broker commented in the announcement.

Moreover, the company has made registration, pass KYC, deposit, trade, exchange and withdraw more secure with a two-factor authentication with the new updates to B2Core. Users can also view the dashboard and create a ticket in Helpdesk.

The company added:

With the new app, B2Core clients will now have a real turnkey solution with a full roadmap in place to develop all the functionality that is currently available in the desktop version and includes work on a range of other modules such as Bonuses, etc.

In the beginning of this year, B2Broker introduced a new range of features to its matching engine, B2Trader.

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