Original founder of SquaredFinancial Philippe Ghanem re-joins the company

SquaredFinancial recently announced that Philippe Ghanem has re-joined the company to oversee plans development of its services and to expand its geographical footprint, as it offers a new one-stop global markets solution for traders and investors.

Ghanem was one of SquaredFinancial’s original founders and has return at the position of Executive chairman. His objective is to assist in turning the company into a global firm and a significant market contributor. Ghanem is known for establishing and developing a number of successful companies.
As one of his first moves, Ghanem brought in Husam Al Kurdi as Chief Executive Officer to focus on expanding the brokerage and market access side of the business.

Philippe Ghanem said:

Philippe Ghanem

This is the optimum time to relaunch SquaredFinancial, as the world faces an unprecedented crisis and needs innovation and change to move forward. We are developing a fintech based financial services company which combines the best technology with the best people to deliver for a new generation of clients. Investors today want to be able to build a long-term relationship with an accessible, proactive and trusted partner. They want a secure, easy to use and flexible solution from a firm they can trust to manage their access to global markets. This is why we are launching SquaredFinancial at a time when everyone knows that change has to happen.

SquaredFinancial aims at exponential growth and to increase its presence in main markets, open new offices in jurisdictions with strong regulation. Under the new leadership, the company plans to grow organically, as well as through acquisition of financial institutions, banks or fintech companies.
The company is targeting markets such as Europe, Asia, Latam and Africa. Technology is fully integrated at all levels to provide trading solutions with high levels of security, managing KYC and AML commitments to help clients construct or preserve wealth.

Ghanem added:

Over many years we have seen the development of financial services, mainly driven by new regulation or technology, however the needs and views of the clients were often overlooked. It is now very clear that Generation X to Generation Z investors and traders are looking for new options, which can only be delivered by a fintech led financial services company.

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