Former CEO of Nasdaq Futures Exchange Rick Beaman joins Gallant Exchange as President

Gallant Exchange announced the launch of its sports and cryptocurrency trading platform along with the appointment of Rick Beaman, former CEO of Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX), as President of Gallant.

Rick Beaman previously served as a chief executive officer of Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX), Nasdaq’s U.S.-based energy exchange. After that he transitioned into the chief executive officer of San Juan Mercantile Exchange (SJMX) in December of 2018. Beaman has accumulated over 23 years of experience in Exchange, Clearing and Brokering of Commodities.

Rick Beaman, President, Gallant Exchange said:

Rick Beaman, Gallant Exchange

Rick Beaman
Source: LinkedIn

I am extremely proud to lead and be a part of today’s launch of the Gallant Exchange, to bring Passion of two incredible worlds of Cryptocurrency and Sports together on one trading platform.  Gallant Exchange will allow fans of cryptocurrency and global sports to converge and trade both.

Simon Grunfeld, Gallant Exchange Founder and CEO commented:

Our team is thrilled to have Rick at the helm. A world-class operator and leader of leaders, his proven experience within the world of capital markets will no doubt help Gallant achieve success on the road to come.

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The Gallant Exchange’s platform is designed to support the trading of Athlete Coins (ACs), as well as the popular cryptocurrencies. Athlete Coins can be minted on the ERC20 protocol and traded on Gallant platform. Users can enter into trading competitions and contests for collectibles and memorabilia of the respective athlete as a coin holder. Gallant plans to add more valuable ‘experience’ prizes and provide fans with direct interaction with their favorite athlete.

The exchange also plans to provide endorsed or “Athlete Backed” Coins from direct collaborations with athletes to provide fans direct ownership in athlete’s contracts, business ventures or endorsements. Gallant’s Initial Player Offering (IPO) provides direct investment opportunities by tokenizing an athlete’s contract or future endeavors.

Gallant has also partnered with the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association (an international, non-governmental self-regulatory organization) to provide end-to-end client services and support across Athlete Coin and crypto transactions. Currently, Gallant accepts crypto payments such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and USDC.

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