StoneX starts a virtual course on Futures for all types of traders

The StoneX Group has revealed that its subsidiaries StoneX Financial Europe S.A. and StoneX Financial Inc. – FCM Division, will be co-hosting the StoneX School of Futures.

StoneX School of Futures is a virtual program aiming to educate retail traders, speculators, investors, proprietary traders and university students about Futures.

The course is 40 hours long and spans 10 half-day sessions on every Tuesday and Thursday starting 1 June through 1 July. Each session will be conducted in an interactive including a hands-on, practical Futures Trading Simulation.

Over 30 skilled international educators and experienced practitioners will present information every Futures industry concept and trading applications. The course will teach participants how to trade the products in the major Futures industry groups such as Currencies, Stock Indexes, Precious & Industrial Metals, Agricultural, Interest Rates, Softs and Energy.


Clayton Passero, Managing Director, Head of Futures Online at StoneX Financial Inc. – FCM Division said:

Clayton Passero, StoneX

Clayton Passero
Source: LinkedIn

As one of the leading Futures Commission Merchants, StoneX Financial Inc. is a strong believer in providing the education, products and services to help customers of all knowledge levels achieve their market goals. The industry is seeing more and more traders looking for opportunities to incorporate Commodity Futures and Options into their trading portfolios. As such, we believe it is our role to develop the StoneX School of Futures, a dedicated pure education program which is second to none in the industry or academia.

StoneX School of Futures covers topics such as Development of the Futures Industry, Unique Market Terminology, Types of Market Participants, Speculating & Risk Management Concepts, Futures & Option Contracts, Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Spreads, Volatility, Pricing, and Speculative Applications, among others.

Passero added:

We worked closely with both our in-house market experts and our guest speakers to develop a comprehensive training course on Futures Markets. This course is designed to address the uncertainties many traders have entering a new marketplace. We firmly believe the StoneX School of Futures will give all traders, regardless of skill level, the tools and skillsets they need to effectively incorporate Futures and Options into their trading strategies.

The entrance fee for the StoneX School of Futures will be $500, with discounted rates available to university students. The course charges include participation in the “live” virtual sessions, e-copies of the presentations, access to the recorded sessions, and the ability to compete in the Futures Trading Simulation against other participants.

The financial services company recently published its financial results for the second quarter of the financial year 2021. The quarter ended on 31 March 2020 and saw a 29% rise in operating revenues as the total reached $471.4 million.

StoneX Group Inc.’s London-based subsidiary, StoneX Financial Ltd, has become a member of the London Stock Exchange and Turquoise, the pan-European MTF. The membership expands StoneX’s border equities trading and cross-asset capabilities.

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