Egyptian Exchange announces cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

TradeStation Group launches investment education media service and trading community

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) begins to train elite calibres of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the role of capital market in attracting local and foreign investment to promote economic growth.

Mohamed Farid, EGX Chairman, launched the first lecture on Thursday 27th December 2018, reviewing the economic reform programme and its impact on both financial and legislative levels.

EGX Chairman also discussed the devaluation of EGP, energy subsidies, regulation of energy market and allowing products pricing for it. He stressed that reform contributed to the correct economic path and restored stability in macroeconomic indicators and said that the core of any crisis or economic turmoil is a budget deficit that pressures the ongoing deficit and lead to an accumulation of debts “having deficit more than the real economic growth is a challenge that must be addressed to build financial margins needed for basic services that raise the quality of Egyptian life; education, health, housing, water and energy”.

Farid added that capital markets are not only a platform for trading and investment, but also a vital source for financing growing companies leading to economic growth.

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