EGX and CIRA to educate students on investment

TradeStation Group launches investment education media service and trading community

EGX Chairman, Mohamed Farid, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dr. Hassan ElKalla, Chairman, Cairo for Investment and Real Estate Development (CIRA) as step forwards within the efforts to raise the financial awareness as a sustainable base in the financial literacy.

This MOU aims at raising the financial awareness and enhancing financial literacy especially with regards to the stock exchange aiming to promote it as an investment and long term incremental saving tool. It will be presented to all CIRA schools and university employees. The MOU targets developing the skills of 8000 students of 9 colleges as well as schools’ students and teachers of 24 different schools.

The program that will be presented by EGX senior management to all parties of the educational system at CIRA schools and colleges including the teaching staff and students will inform them with the basics of investment and long term incremental saving through the stock exchange. In addition to EGX role in the development and growth of the economy as well as providing job opportunities that enhances the Egyptians’ standard of living.

Moreover, there will competitions between the students through the “STOCKRIDERS” simulation game. This game resembles EGX trading and environment through which prizes will distributed among the winning teams. EGX through this game corrects the wrong concepts taken about EGX that it is a market for the rich and professionals; this is not true.

EGX management will work on the development of the basic practical material that will be presented to the preparatory and secondary stages to assist to understand the basics of investment and incremental saving at EGX.

Commenting on all that, Mohamed Faird said that EGX management focuses on the training and the financial awareness as EGX management believes that this is the main tool for development and sustainability of the capital market. It also builds new fresh calibers that are not prepared only for investment and saving but also to join the capital market team work.

Farid continued that the MOU will allow the training of about 8000 students through explaining what the stock exchange is and its role in economic development and growth.

Worth mentioning that EGX management has introduced a lot of developments in EGX training center that was launched in 2000 to enhance and build the skills and capabilities of the different market parties as well as its employees and the schools and universities’ students. It is a tool for EGX to train the market parties locally and regionally about the market activities and ways of improving specially within the emerging markets.

EGX has given the chance for practical training for the university students’ to prepare them for the work environment. The evaluating method will be based on their performance and the possibility of benefiting from them in the future as employees at EGX. They can apply their for the summer training through the following email: [email protected].

Moreover, the training center is responsible of enhancing EGX employees and develop their administrative and technical capabilities and skills through the different training programs.

From his side, Dr. Hassan El Kalla, CIRA Chairman, said that he looks forwards for more fruitful cooperation with EGX in terms of improving the capabilities and skills of the human power about the financial awareness and EGX role in the economic development.

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