Tradeview LTD launches on-exchange equities for Metatrader 5 platform

Tradeview LTD launches on-exchange equities for Metatrader 5 platform

Tradeview LTD, a Cayman Islands regulated broker-dealer, has just announced the launch of US equity trading directly on the Metatrader 5 platform. Traders now have direct market access (DMA) to stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the American Stock Exchange.

Integrating real equities onto MT5 gives Tradeview a major competitive advantage and truly differentiates us from all other FX brokers. We aimed to give Tradeview clients the best and most complete trading experience and integrating equities onto this particular FX platform accomplishes that goal” said Tim Furey, CEO of Tradeview LTD.

Most FX brokers offer traders access to equity CFDs, however, there’re stark differences between those instruments and on-exchange equities. First, traders who purchase real equities become shareholders who are entitled to dividends distributed by the underlying company.

Secondly, CFDs are subject to an expiration date, but traders can own stocks purchased through MT5 indefinitely. The biggest advantage of trading equities over CFDs is that investors aren’t subjected to re-quoting from unscrupulous brokers. When trading on-exchange equities through Tradeview, traders have access to globally disseminated level 1 quotes. “Tradeview heavily invested in building the necessary infrastructure so traders have real quotes in real time” added Mr. Furey.

Over the past year, Tradeview made a major breakthrough by developing technology to be compatible with the MT5 platform. That infrastructure investment includes co-location of servers on the NY4 data center, low latency driven solutions, superior smart order routing, ultra-fast fiber-optic cables and connectivity to all major exchanges. In addition, Tradeview coded and programmed its own order entry box which distinguishes between easy-to borrow and hard-to-borrow stocks when executing short orders.

Our custom order entry box, along with Tradeview’s overall infrastructure and technology expenditure is a testament to our commitment to ensure that traders receive the best execution for their orders so client’s trading profits are maximized” explained Mr. Furey.

Moreover, Tradeview partnered with a FINRA member to obtain the best prime brokerage clearing solution on behalf of its clients. This partnership is a key component for Tradeview’s access to the US equity markets and provides escrow services for trader’s positions.

Mr. Furey concluded:

On-exchange US equities on MT5 offers a new host of trading opportunities for Tradeview clients and I’m very confident that traders will find it very rewarding.

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