PrimeXM reports over 4.5% MoM rise in trading volumes with $894.36 billion in October

PrimeXM released its trading volumes for October yesterday. The broker registered a total of $894.36 billion in monthly trading volume in October across the 3 major Data Center locations, representing a 4.55% MoM decrease in trading activities.

The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in October reached $40.65 billion. 28 October was the highest daily trading volume of the month with a $58.16 billion turnovers. The total trades registered in October was 25.07 million.

PrimeXM volumes

76% of the total monthly traded volume was recorded in Prime XM Data Center in London LD4 – $686 billion in notional value. The Data Center in New York (NY4) has taken over Japan (JP3) in second place, with a monthly trading volume of $108.95 billion.

XAUUSD remained consistent as the most popular instrument of traders for the past few months, with total trading volume of $245 billion in October which represented over 27% of the overall monthly trading volume. EURUSD was still the favorite FX pair being traded with $132 billion.

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