JFD Group adds new commission-free ETF trading opportunities for investors in Europe

The internationally licensed investment firm JFD Group has announced adding another product line to its multi-asset offering.

JFD clients across the EU/EEA will be able to trade six iShares exchange-traded funds (ETFs) without a commission. These instruments are the third asset class, alongside cryptocurrencies and cash equities (physical stocks), in which the company’s clients will be able invest free of any brokerage fees. The ETFs are listed on stock exchanges in Germany (XETRA), USA (NYSE Arca) and UK (XLON).

Lars Gottwik, founder and CEO of JFD, commented:

We are achieving another milestone in our strategic roadmap by expanding our commission-free offering. It’s always exciting to see how our team delivers innovative financial products bringing to reality JFD’s mission to democratise the investment industry. So far, this year is record-breaking for us in terms of turnover and account openings which proves that we are on the right track in our development.


Gottwik continued:

In the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, many investors have become extremely cautious when building their portfolios and deciding where to spend their hard-earned money. Therefore, the ability to consider another investment vehicle while reducing the trading costs can make a massive difference in performance.

Through the turbulent economic conditions during the year, JFD‘s group of companies operate sustainably planning for the next releases in its product pipeline for 2021 with something on offer suitable for both savers or spenders.

Customer behaviour have been shifting rapidly lately towards online research for the best deals and e-commerce. JFD expects that it is a matter of time to see more investment firms jumping on the commission-free bandwagon as the competition for client acquisition in the overly saturated financial industry is fierce.

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