Deutsche Börse releases increased trading volumes, new records for ETFs in April

The high trading volume on the cash markets since the beginning of the year has led to new records in ETF trading on Xetra, Europe’s platform for exchange-traded funds, Deutsche Boerse announced earlier today.

The first quarter of 2018 saw a total of more than 1.9 million orders executed, the highest number since the products were introduced in 2000, and around 30 percent up year on year. The number of tradable ETFs also rose to a new high of 1,264 at the end of April.

In total, Deutsche Börse’s cash markets generated a trading volume of €127.2 billion in April – a plus of 20 per cent compared to last year (€106.2 billion), despite a return to lower volatility in the markets.

Of the €127.2 billion, €117.1 billion were attributable to Xetra (April 2017: €96.9 billion). The average daily turnover on Xetra was thus €5.9 billion. Order book turnover on Börse Frankfurt totalled €2.9 billion (April 2017: €3.4 billion) and on Tradegate Exchange €7.2 billion (April 2017: €5.9 billion).

Split by asset classes, cash market turnover in equities reached about €113.5 billion. Turnover in ETFs/ETCs/ETNs amounted to €12.2 billion. Turnover in bonds was €0.4 billion, in structured products €1.0 billion and in funds €0.1 billion.

The DAX security with the highest turnover on Xetra in April was Bayer AG at €5.4 billion. Osram Licht AG led the MDAX equities with €725 million, while Delivery Hero AG topped the SDAX equity index with €221 million, and Wirecard AG headed TecDAX with €1.0 billion. The ETF with the highest turnover on Xetra was iShares Core DAX UCITS ETF with €1.7 billion.

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