Interactive Brokers releases mobile trading platform IMPACT

Interactive Brokers Group has launched IMPACT for investors around the globe. The mobile trading application is designed to help investors align their portfolios with their values in an easy way.

IMPACT’s design is simple and intuitive and streamlines the sustainable investing process. The release of the app to users globally comes at a moment when ESG considerations has gained importance to investors on a global scale.

Will Peterffy, ESG Director at Interactive Brokers, commented:

IMPACT takes the utility and values alignment offered by our Impact Dashboard and places it in the palm of the investor’s hand. We’re leading a new generation of investors making values-based investments by enabling them to develop their own conscious investment plan based on their personal values providing accountability and transparency.

With the new mobile trading platform, users can select their investment criteria from 13 impact values and principles including Clean Air, Pure Water, Ocean Life, Land Health, Consumer Safety, Ethical Leadership, Gender Equality, Racial Equality, LGBTQ Inclusion, Company Transparency, Sustainable Product Lifecycle, Mindful Business Models, and Fair Labor & Thriving Communities. They can also select to exclude investments based on 10 categories such as animal testing, business ethics controversies, corporate political spending and lobbying, energy-intensive, fossil fuels, greenhouse emissions, hazardous waste, high water usage, tobacco, alcohol and gambling, and weapons and gun manufacturers.

Interactive Brokers launches IMPACT

The app gives impact scores on existing portfolios based on these selections. It identifies companies which align with the criteria selected by the user. Investors can aso improve their scores through the selection of alternative companies.

Additionally, the “Swap” feature on IMPACT users the ability to swap positions in the same dollar amount from one US stock to another. This way investors can buy and sell stocks simultaneously based on the comparative impact scores of one company versus another.

Edward Soffer, ESG Manager at Interactive Brokers, added:

The IMPACT ‘Swap’ function goes a step further than our competitors to allow clients to easily re-align their portfolio positions with what they care about the most, which we’re really proud of. The app is designed for modern-day investors who understand that their investments make an impact and catalyze change.

In addition, Interactive Brokers has also partnered with One Tree Planted on the IMPACT Plant a Forest initiative. The first 30,000 customers who sign up for IMPACT have the opportunity to make an important environmental impact.

The announcement said:

For every $1,000 dollars an investor deposits in their account, IMPACT will plant 25 trees. For the equivalent of 1 tree per $40 deposited, IBKR customers who use the IMPACT app can easily help reforestation efforts and direct IMPACT to plant trees in environmentally critical regions such as California, Mexico, Côte D’Ivoire or India.

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