Interactive Brokers introduce new simple stock pricing for European investors

Interactive Brokers Group has announced a new simple flat fee structure for stock trading in Europe.

With its low fees, its technology and large product scope, Interactive Brokers has been selected by many sophisticated investors, active traders and institutions.

In the official announcement, the company revealed that it is building its European customer base with the introduction of a new simplified pricing structure for stocks that is tailored to individual investor priorities.

The exchanges of Western Europe will be the first markets to benefit from Interactive Brokers’ new offering. The global brokerage firm confirmed that a similarly competitive pricing structure will soon follow in Central European and Nordic markets.

Interactive Brokers

The new simple stock pricing will be a flat 3 EUR/GBP for trades of up to 6,000 EUR/GBP and larger trades will be commissioned at 0.05% of trade value.

These rates are available with IB SmartRoutingS. The solution accesses the many exchanges and trading venues across the continent in order to optimise the execution quality for the company’s clients.

Interactive Brokers prioritises institutional, as well as individual investors. This new fixed pricing structure is offered alongside their current tiered pricing and their customers can review both options to select the one that best fits their investing objectives.

Other features that the company has made available for its clients include:

  • Global trading on 135 market centers including all US markets
  • Account funding and trading in 23 currencies
  • Low rates for financing stock purchases (“margin rates”) from EUR 0.5% to EUR 1.5%, for US markets, USD 0.75% to USD 1.6%. Other currency margin loans available at comparably low rates
  • Earn extra income by lending fully paid shares of stock
  • Powerful trading platforms for mobile, web, and desktop
  • Specialized tools to support for all investor types and strategies.

Interactive Brokers has clients from more than 200 countries and territories. They use the company’s platform to invest globally in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and funds with no added spreads, ticket charges, platform fees, or account minimums.

Earlier in May, Interactive Brokers launched US Spot Gold Trading as step towards broadening its offerings of asset classes, allowing US clients to trade in spot gold in quantities as little as just one ounce.

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