HotForex launches in-house Copy Trading service HFcopy

Hotforex HFCopy fx copy trading

Global retail forex and multi-asset broker HotForex has announced the launch of HFcopy, a service through which individuals can follow traders’ accounts, essentially copying their trades.

Having invested in its in-house specialists and advanced technology to produce a proprietary platform for HFcopy, HotForex announced this powerful internally-developed solution aiming to make trading more accessible to a much wider audience.

The new product is directed at people wishing to get access to the vibrant trading world but never had the time to do so before. They can open ‘Follower’ accounts, choose a strategy to follow and start copying trades. Moreover, HFcopy addresses traders who consider themselves more advanced and who can apply to provide strategies and trade in exchange of a Performance Fee, as high as 35%. They can open ‘Strategy Provider’ accounts, trade and start receiving their rewards.

The service is available only to clients whose suitability will be assessed prior to participation.

For ‘Followers’, HFcopy is a powerful solution which automates trading for traders who wish to get access to the vibrant trading world but never had the time to do so before. No matter how confident someone is about trading, they can become Followers, copy a strategy and start learning.

Moreover, anyone who decides to become a Follower can invest funds under HFcopy, having full control of his own account, and will be able to deposit and withdraw as well as close trades as desired, and much more.

For ‘Strategy Providers’, traders who consider themselves more advanced can apply to become Strategy Providers. In this way, if they qualify, they will be able to show off their trading knowledge and expertise, can build their inventory of loyal Followers and trade in exchange of a Performance Fee which as noted above can be as high as 35%.

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HotForex launches in-house Copy Trading service HFcopy


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