Japan FSA releases english guide for foreign asset managers to setup Tokyo base

For the further development of Tokyo as an international financial center, the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) has been committed to enhancing transparency regarding the procedures for foreign financial business operators to establish a business base in Japan, including to provide more useful information in English regarding the financial market in Japan.

As a part of this effort, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, with the cooperation of the FSA, today released a newly compiled English guidebook, which clarifies the necessary procedures for foreign asset managers to establish a business base in Japan.

This guidebook explains process and requirements regarding registrations under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act depending on business types.

It hopes this will serve as a useful guide for foreign asset managers thinking about Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Reference: Guidance to the Asset Management Industry in Japan

Sometimes noted for its insular culture, the FSA and Tokyo Metropolitan Government said they welcome foreign financial business operators’ new entry that contributes to strengthening Japan’s financial market.

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