Devexperts’ dxTrade trading platform with FIX certification from Borsa Istanbul

Devexperts, the developer of trading platforms and market data solutions, announced that it has successfully passed conformance tests and obtained Advanced Level FIX certificates for Equity and Derivatives Markets from Borsa Istanbul.

The certifications from Borsa Istanbul assure that dxTrade, the multi-asset and multi-market trading platform developed by Devexperts, satisfies the requirements for executing advanced level and market making orders directly at the Borsa Istanbul Exchange. This compliance makes dxTrade a procurable solution for Turkish Capital Market participants ranging from enterprises (including brokers and banks) to medium size portfolio management companies. The platform is available for white-labeling and customization.

Firat Gurler, CEO of Devexperts

Firat Gurler, CEO of Devexperts Turkey, said:

Since April 2014, Borsa Istanbul has been undergoing serious changes, preparing Turkey’s National Stock Exchange for the 2020s. At Devexperts, we have been playing our part, since then, by introducing our advanced Fintech infrastructure to Turkey’s fast developing markets. In addition to Devexperts’ high speed, ultra-efficient market data vendor business, we are expanding our presence as a trading technology provider in Turkey. I believe, launching dxTrade as the backbone for Turkish instruments is an essential phase in this process, and shall grow the Turkish brokerage business to its desired levels.

dxTrade platform supports multiple asset classes – stocks, options, futures, commodities, forex, cryptocurrency and other international markets. It is a highly scalable solution and is built of multiple components, which support high volumes of customers and transactions and may fit into any existing infrastructure. Unlike the boxed trading platform products, any component of dxTrade can be tailored to the client’s environment. This introduces a host of competitive business advantages: customized front-end services for traders, mobile applications, client on-boarding, KYC, back-end processing, 3rd party connectivity or any other component.

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Devexperts' dxTrade trading platform with FIX certification from Borsa Istanbul

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