Former Fulbright Securities account executive convicted of securities fraud in a HK SFC case

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) today announced the conviction of Danny Fung Kwong Shing by the Eastern Magistrates’ Court of fraud.

According to SFC, the former Fulbright Securities Limited account executive engaged in fraud or deception in transactions involving securities transactions, regulated under the country’s Securities and Futures Ordinance.

Kwong Shing was permanently banned by the SFC from the industry for life.

Case Background

The Hong Kong watchdog announced that Kwong Shing has been remanded in custody while he awaits to be sentenced on 27th October. The SFC detailed that the defendant plead guilty to all 25 charges.

Hong Kong regulator SFC

The SFC noted that Kwong Shing admitted that from 2 August 2013 to 16 December 2013 he used two of his client’s securities accounts and made eight stocks transactions without approval.

The regulator pointed out that these transactions resulted in trading profit of $172,890 to one of the accounts and in $48,321 loss to the other.

Industry ban

In November 2017, the SFC imposed a $542,071 fine on Kwong Shing and banned him for life. The regulator found that between January 2013 and May 2014, he conducted 772 unauthorized transactions in the account of his friend and client. He fabricated telephone order recordings to mislead Fulbright Securities that the transactions were made by his client.

Furthermore, Kwong Shing impersonated a client to place orders in their account at another Enhanced Securities Limited.


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