Brokeree Solutions issues warning against imposters

Brokeree Solutions has alerted its clients about a fake Skype account (live:.cid.8ac45076f53fc092) which was impersonating the brand with fraudulent intentions.

In the official statement the company has shared with LeapRate, it noted that scammers were acting as if they were selling solutions for forex brokers and requested payment in BTC or cash.

The fraudsters also discussed contract terms via skype, however they declined calls and meetings.

Brokeree Solutions reminded its clients that the company only accepts payments via bank transfer where the company’s identity can be verified.

Brokeree Solutions issues a warning about imposters

The company said:

When reaching out via Skype please ensure that the account you are talking to has Skype name: brokeree before exchanging any financial or other private information.

Brokeree also noted that it accepts payments in EUR or USD via bank transfer. Its contracts are signed, discussed and exchanged only via email. Brokeree employees only send email from the official company domain.

The company also reminded its clients that private presentations and meetings can be arranged through its sales team and calls can be made through the company official phone number during business hours.

Brokeree Solutions has asked people who have fell victim to the scammers or have any suspicion that the identity is compromised, to contact the company directly via verified channels.

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