Plum launches its personal finance app in five European countries

European money app Plum today announced its launch five European countries including Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece and Cyprus.

Plum’s clients in these five European countries can now their bank accounts to the app.

The app provides its customers with money management services, allowing them to automatically set aside money regularly. In addition, people using the app can invest in up to 3,000 US stocks commission-free. Furthermore, the company provides a VISA debit card free of charge to its subscription-paying customers.

According to Plum estimates, the app has 1.5 million users across Europe and has handled more than €1.79 billion.

Victor Trokoudes, co-founder and CEO of Plum, commented:

We’re delighted to bring Plum to five new European countries and help people manage their finances there. This is a challenging economic period as people are experiencing levels of inflation not seen in decades, leading to cost of living challenges. The need for long-term financial resilience has arguably never been clearer and we created Plum precisely to help people tackle this, helping ensure that your money management is automated and wealth looked after for the future.

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