Humaniq teams up with Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone and FinTech4Good

The London-based fintech firm Humaniq has announced the concurrent signing of two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone and FinTech4Good.

Both are prominent US-based organizations that will be part of Humaniq’s new strategy, with the company aiming to position itself as a technology platform facilitating new blockchain-based charity solution for the developing world.

With Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone, Humaniq has agreed to collaborate by leveraging its blockchain solution to support select schools in low income areas in Sierra Leone. In particular, Humaniq App, the flagship product of the company, will be used to connect donors and students via a basic smartphone during their joint pilot.

Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone focuses on giving humanitarian support that matters, by empowering the people of Sierra Leone with skills, tools and education that allows them to improve their quality of life with their own efforts. To this end, the upcoming collaboration with Humaniq will be instrumental to shaping this vision into reality.

The partnership with Fintech4Good, on the other hand, is centered around Humaniq’s deep presence in Africa and FinTech4Good’s wide network of blockchain startups and international organizations working for the betterment of humanity through technological solutions. Together, the two organisations will cooperate on finding new promising fintech startups in Africa and advancing the Blockchain for Good services in developing countries.

We at Humaniq are delighted to partner with these two prominent organizations,” commented Andrey Gidaspov, Humaniq CBDO. “Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone and Humaniq will work together to offer our new technology platform to make a real difference for some of the most vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone, including students with disabilities, amputees, victims of the conflict and the Ebola outbreak and orphaned children located in low income areas of the country. In Fintech4Good, we found a collaborative partner with a deep expertise in facilitating development of innovative ecosystems connecting blockchain startups, international NGOs, and government organizations.

Thomas Bobby Smith, founder of Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone, said:

With Humaniq’s help and Blockchain technology we can improve how donations arrive to the country and distribute them directly to our students.

I think we’ve found a great partner for our efforts in advancing our blockchain for good efforts in Africa and other developing markets,” added Xiaochen Zhang, founder of Fintech4Good.

Humaniq’s will help us in identifying the most promising fintech and blockchain startups in Africa to address some of the most daunting challenges that our humanity is facing today.

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