Oslo Børs VPS Q4 2018 reveals higher profits, but lower net income


Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA today released its Q4 2018 financial results indicating profit of NOK 77 million for the period, but said that it would not pay another dividend for the 2018 fiscal year.

The company earned revenues of NOK 268 million during the quarter, which was higher than the Q4 2017 profits by NOK 16 million. The full-year revenue was higher than for fiscal 2017 by NOK 52 million.

Q4 2018 revenue for VPS and Oslo Børs grew by NOK 7 million and NOK 8 million respectively as compared to Q4 2017, while the full-year revenues for both VPS and Oslo Børs grew by NOK 14 million and NOK 34 million respectively.

However, the Group also reported an increase in its operating expenses due to ongoing projects at the two companies as well as provision for a pending tax charge by the Norwegian Tax Administration’s Tax East regional office. This resulted in the net income for Q4 2018 being NOK 2 million lower than that for Q4 2017.

Leaprate recently reported that Euronext had raised its bid for Oslo Børs VPS Holding to NOK 158 per share to beat Nasdaq Inc.’s offer and extended its acceptance period by 4 weeks. It remains to be seen whether the company’s board shall finally accept Euronext’s offer.

The full report can be found here.

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