Metropolitan Stock Exchange welcomes listing of 14 IPOs

Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSE), the youngest national level stock exchange of India has just announced that it welcomes listing of 14 IPOs.

The recent additions were ICICI Securities Ltd and Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. These young companies’ entry in the capital markets gets a red carpet from MSE under the “Permitted to trade category” (PTT), on the same day of their listing on BSE and NSE Trading in the equity shares of these companies will be in cash market segment for all investors.

Mr Udai Kumar, MD & CEO, Metropolitan Stock Exchange, commented:

As a proactive measure, MSE has started including new listings on its platform on the first day itself to initiate trading under “Permitted to Trade Category. We are receiving excellent response in our interaction with the new-age ventures which are looking for a platform that serves as their entry point in the world of capital market” Commenting further on various platform enhancements, Mr Kumar added “We are now well equipped to offer comprehensive exchange offerings according to the needs of different investor categories through platforms such as Offer for Sale, Offer to Buy, Book Building Platform & Electronic Book Building Provider.

Further, our focus remains on Equity bulk, block deals. We are working on some more effective rollouts that will help us renew market participants’ interest in our platform.

  1. Offer for Sale (OFS): To help issuers of listed company raise funds, meet regulatory requirement of minimum public shareholding requirement within considerably less time
  2. Book Building Platform: to raise capital through Public Offerings-both Initial Public Offers (IPOs) and Follow-on Public Offers (FPOs) to aid price and demand discovery
  3. Offer to Buy (OTB) platform to enable companies in buyback offers and acquirers/ promoters in Takeover code related open offers
  4. Electronic Book Building Provider (EBP): This mechanism is available on our exchange platform for issuance of Debt Instruments by corporates. With this the exchange will be able to attract new debt issues and their subsequent trading.

The list of companies can be seen here.

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