CME Group reports FX futures and options reach new single-day volume record

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) today announced that foreign exchange futures and options hit a new single-day volume record. The exchange revealed that the numbers reached 3.15 million contracts 8 March, equivalent to $296 billion in USD notional.

The overall futures and options volume record represents a 5% increase over the previous record of 3 million contracts set in September 2022.

Additionally, CME Group saw trading records in several individual currencies. These include 1.1 million Euro FX futures and 264,000 Canadian Dollar FX futures.

CME Group

Furthermore, blocks and exchange for related positions (EFRP) transactions traded a record 274,000 contracts on 8 March, 23% above than the previous record set in December 2022.

Paul Houston, Global Head of FX Products, CME Group, said:

Paul Houston, CME Group

Paul Houston
Source: LinkedIn

We are pleased to see strong momentum in our FX futures and options products as our clients turn to our deep liquidity to manage their currency exposure amid ongoing market uncertainty. We are pleased to offer clients the flexibility of both our highly liquid, central limit order book, as well as disclosed, OTC-style block and EFRP trading now supported by more than 20 liquidity providers.


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