FTC – A Token for Everyone

The following article was written by freelance writer Kelly Simon.

When FTC (Financial Technology Cryptocurrency), first launched its digital currency innovation powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology in 2017 it joined a host of other ICOs looking for contributors. However, after successfully hitting the mark every time and appearing in many high-profile places, it became apparent that FTC is not just another ICO. Instead, FTC is a practical token built for use by everyone, not just investors and contributors. Here we are looking at the main ways in which everyday users can enjoy numerous benefits by using the coin.

FTC Benefits:

FTC’s token has real value and can help everyone around the world to pay for goods and services. The two main areas of benefit are real estate and travel.

  • Buy real estate easily without exchange rate charges and delays
  • Use FTC to arrange and pay for overseas travel and holidays
  • Enjoy 25% off at selected stores/outlets if paying by FTC

How does It Work?

FTC has partners in the tourism, real estate, project investment and finance sectors enabling a vast array of choices through one easy platform. Essentially, the ecosystem offers users one easy way to pay for transactions anytime and anywhere in the world.

A Real Estate Example

Buying or selling your home is known to be one of the most stressful experiences a person can endure and it’s mostly down to the logistics. Traditionally the area of real estate has been complex. With so many parties involved in a real estate sales transaction, there are often lengthy delays and high costs. A buyer will need to transfer money to various parties (often in different currencies). There may be a lack of transparency over the home (its title deeds, ownership, availability etc). Similarly, on the seller’s side there are many complications. Receiving timely payment from the buyer and perhaps purchasing the next home in a timely manner to avoid a hold up in the transaction.

With FTC real estate transactions can be conducted in one easy place using blockchain technology. That’s because FTC users are connected via the platform and therefore have easy access to a wide range of real estate agents who accept FTC Coins. Users can complete the entire payment transaction in one place and can easily refer to their account for details. Users with an Ethereum Wallet can also connect this to their FTC account and easily manage funds. Conducting a home purchase using FTC means a faster process, higher levels of transparency, no currency exchange swaps and instant transfer of funds to the seller.

A Travel Example

More people are travelling overseas for business or leisure than ever before. In fact, in the USA alone, 38.33 million U.S. citizens travelled overseas in 2017. However, booking your travel arrangements can also be problematic. It can be difficult to coordinate a trip factoring in payment for tickets, food, hotels, taxis and entertainment. Often travellers are reluctant to exchange and take huge amounts of cash overseas due to obvious safety concerns. Similarly, in many parts of the world local debit or credit cards are not accepted. This makes travelling stressful for many. FTC is partnered with leading travel agents, hotels and leisure groups around the world which means that users can purchase their package holiday using FTC.  FTC can cover tickets, food, hotels, taxis and entertainment plus provide a 25% discount in selected outlets around the world for those paying with FTC.


FTC is a smart investment move for those looking to diversify their assets and utilise existing cryptocurrencies. However, it is also a coin for “non-investors”. Users who want an easy way to pay for goods, purchase real estate or take a hassle-free trip. Every day, FTC accepts new international partners in the tourism and real estate sectors. Each new partner helps to expand our ecosystem providing greater flexibility and choice to FTC clients.

For more information, please visit www.ftccoins.org.

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