SEBA Bank launches new crypto banking offering

FINMA regulated digital assets bank SEBA Bank today announced new offering simplifying crypto banking for its traditional or crypto-savvy clients

SEBA combines traditional and crypto banking providing its clients with the environment to seamlessly navigate between traditional and digital assets. Traditional investors are able to safely build their crypto exposure from their familiar banking environment, while experienced crypto investors find new ways to manage their crypto assets.

The bank offers three programs – Gold and the exclusive Platinum which offer professional investors access to institutional-grade crypto and traditional financial services and the Corporate program which is aimed at companies active in the field of crypto, needing traditional banking services as well.

Mathias Schuetz, Chief Commercial Officer EMEA, said:

SEBA is a crypto banking industry leader, bridging and simplifying traditional and digital finance. Since its creation, we have developed a unique universe of products and services. With the launch of the SEBA new offering consisting of the Gold program, the Platinum program, and the Corporate program, we continue reshaping finance. We offer our demanding program members a unique, and personalised experience.

The Gold program is suitable for investors seeking comprehensive professional financial services, such as institutional-grade cold and hot storage, worldwide FIAT payments, staking, crypto loans, derivatives, and a gold credit card.

SEBA provides clients using the Platinum program with maximum freedom & flexibility access to the premium service desk with a dedicated relationship manager, direct access to the trading room (24/7), and direct communication via phone, email, and main messaging platforms, as well as (metal) credit card with a custom limit and access to airport lounges and concierge services.

The Corporate program is intended for companies in the crypto space, offering similar services as the Gold program including a corporate credit card.


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