BitMax now offers multilingual services

BitMax has recently updated its services to be available in various languages in its desire to make cryptocurrency trading easily available for traders around the globe.

The news follows the company’s entrance into the German crypto market.

BitMax’s spokesperson noted that the company aims to offer its services not only to English-speaking traders.  The digital trading platform announced that the revamped services are now available to all free of charge, regardless of geographical location or investment amount.

According to the official announcement, more information and updates will be coming in the future.

BitMax now offers multilingual services

The company stated:

Traders can expect that BitMax will cater to more multilingual crowds soon.

The global digital exchange platform BitMax was founded in 2020, with the goal of making crypto trading more accessible to traders, while preserving the highest standards in the field.

The brand aims to create an autonomous digital currency platform for traders on all levels worldwide. BitMax supports a range of digital currencies that also extends leveraged trading opportunities to its customers.

BitMax offers traders a web-based trading platform, suitable to function on all types of browsers and devices, making trading easy from desktop, mobile and even tablet.

The firm allows its clients to start crypto trading simply and, as there are no different account types, all users benefit from the same optimal conditions.

BitMax also offers full support to its clients, via various different communication channels, among them email, direct messaging and an onsite chat function.


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