IPC includes ICE crypto data feed on its cloud

IPC includes ICE crypto data feed on its cloud

IPC, a company that provides communications technology to financial services companies has announced that it will integrate the Intercontinental Exchange’s crypto data feed on its Connexus Cloud.

The Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) has a crypto data feed that streams historical and real-time data for the major global cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Monero, Litecoin among others.

Furthermore, the Connexus Cloud provided by IPC is a high-performance cloud data solution for financial markets providing voice, data, and business communications and compliance services for over 6,400 participants in the capital markets located in 60 countries globally.

The impact of today’s announcement is that it is a huge step in the right direction towards realizing the dream of facilitating the massive flood of institutional funds into the crypto marketplace by providing the necessary infrastructure to finally make this a reality.

The Connexus Cloud gives its users access to crypto information that is similar to what they would need when trading bonds, stocks and other traditional asset classes. This partnership is an indicator that the crypto space is maturing.

The IPC Chief Operating Officer, David Brown explained that:

IPC has one of the largest and most robust financial markets ecosystems in the world, and Intercontinental Exchange’s Crypto Data Feed is one of the world’s leading solutions of its kind. Combined, thousands of financial institutions across the world instantly have access to the professional-grade cryptocurrency market data and information needed to trade this asset class just like traditional financial instruments, such as stocks or bonds. We at IPC think there’s huge room for growth in digital assets and are enormously proud to be a first-mover in this area in conjunction with Intercontinental Exchange.

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IPC includes ICE crypto data feed on its cloud


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