Two new members join bitcoin nonprofit BitGive’s team

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BitGive, the first Bitcoin nonprofit, has announced the addition of two new members to its expanding team. Rumi Morales, a partner at Outlier Ventures and a former executive at both CME Group (NASDAQ: CME) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), has joined BitGive’s all-star Board of Directors, which also includes Matthew Roszak, Patrick Murck, Dawn Newton, Karsten Behrend, and Alyse Killeen. Ellen Raynor, a startup industry veteran and Founder of KeepOnMovin’, has joined BitGive’s Advisory Board. Both Rumi and Ellen will leverage their expertise with startups and emerging technologies to provide strategic direction for BitGive as it gears up for the launch of GiveTrack 1.0 in Q4 2018.

Connie Gallippi, BitGive

Connie Gallippi, BitGive

Connie Gallippi, Founder and Executive Director of BitGive, said:

It’s been an incredibly rewarding year for BitGive, as we’ve seen more growth in our organization than ever before, both in personnel and funding. With this new growth, it’s important for us to take a more strategic approach in how we’re going to drive social impact and philanthropy using Bitcoin and blockchain technology. This is where Rumi and Ellen come in, as their unparalleled expertise and experience will be key to guiding BitGive through its next few milestones, including the latest implementation of GiveTrack. I’m thrilled to have them on board.

Prior to joining BitGive, Rumi Morales led the venture arm of CME Group, where she was responsible for the execution of venture investment and portfolio management in emerging technology companies globally. She was also a long-time executive at Goldman Sachs, as well as a start-up entrepreneur. In addition to her board role at BitGive, Rumi is a Partner at Outlier Ventures, where she is responsible for leading investment in advanced technologies, including blockchain, distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Rumi Morales added:

As BitGive celebrates its five-year anniversary this year, it’s impressive to look back on all it has achieved since its inception in 2013. As the first Bitcoin nonprofit, and one of the few stand-alone organizations involved in the crypto-philanthropy field, BitGive has a demonstrated history of success funding many projects over the years, including three unique pilots on its GiveTrack platform, and more that are actively fundraising today.

Ellen Raynor is a startup industry veteran with a specialty in product strategy, planning, and development. Ellen is the founder of KeepOnMovin’, a HIPAA-compliant mobile health platform for prescriptive exercise to augment physical therapy home exercise programs. She also has vast experience in enterprise technology, serving as SVP of Product for KPCB-backed Hara, and VP of Product Management for Pitney Bowes, Group1 Software, and Sagent Technology.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in crypto-philanthropy.” concluded Ellen Raynor. “People are finally realizing the potential of cryptocurrency as a valuable tool for charity, and this is in part due to BitGive’s pioneering efforts in the industry over the past five years.

The new additions come at a time of rapid expansion for BitGive, as the nonprofit has seen exponential growth in 2018. Prior to this year, BitGive only had three members on its team, including Founder Connie Gallippi. Now, BitGive has eclipsed 19 members, including a 12-person dev team working on the next implementation of GiveTrack, BitGive’s blockchain-based donation tracking platform.

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