Apifiny appoints ex-Goldman Sachs Vice President Jason Jiang as CTO

Apifiny has announced the appointment of ex-Goldman Sachs Vice President, Jason Jiang, as its latest Chief Technology Officer. The latest appointment at the crypto mining firm is the latest in a trend of veteran executives in the financial industry joining rapid-growth digital asset companies seeking a fast solution to the growing demand from retail and institutions users. Apifiny noted that Jiang had been strategically selected before the company went public.

Within his previous role, Jiang pioneered technical development improvements for Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division. Here, he oversaw Electronic Market Development, Custom Algo Research Groups, and Quantitative Trading. Before this, Jiang worked as Blackrock’s software development manager for its Financial Modeling group, solely designing and developing its Fixed Income Analytics System (ANSERTM).

With a wealth of experience producing risk management systems, ultra-low latency trading and co-locations,  Jiang brings with him key skills within the crypto trading sphere.  In his new role, Jiang will work towards the development of Apifiny’s digital asset trading platform in terms of meeting the needs of professional traders. Such traders will be targeted across a broad range of exchanges, as well as around the world to maximize global liquidity.

Apifiny’s CEO declared that Jiang’s wealth of experience within the financial services sector makes him “ideally positioned” to aid in the company’s transformation, as well as to “unify the global crypto market.”

Haohan Xu, CEO of Apifiny, stated:

We are uniquely positioned to become the de-facto global crypto marketplace for trading professionals, connecting all of the world’s exchanges via one, unified interface.

Jiang commented:

Apifiny aims to be that network of canals. By connecting all of the world’s exchanges via one interface, Apifiny is poised to transform the crypto landscape as we know it.

Seeking to connect exchange partners with professional traders for leading trade strategies and prices. Apifiny has reported rapid growth in recent months, now boasting a roster that includes the top 5 crypto exchanges in the US, alongside 23 of the top 100 exchanges worldwide based on trading volumes. The company now also spans 12 countries across five continents. Apifiny announced that over the past three months it had increased the number of new exchanges to 10.

Apifiny recently announced that US regulator, FINRA, has granted a broker-dealer license to its subsidiary firm, Apifiny Prime. The significant governing recognition means that Apifiny will join Gemini, Coinbase, Circle and eToro as one of the top exchanges on offer.

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