Huobi Group rebrands its derivatives exchange to Huobi Futures

Huobi Group announced that its digital asset derivatives exchange Huobi DM was rebranded to Huobi Futures amid surge in demand for crypto derivative products. The new name captures the evolution of the crypto derivatives market from an emerging industry to the growing new interest in it from institutional and retail investors.

As more sophisticated investors enter a maturing market and interest in cryptocurrency grows, Huobi Futures become one of the most lucrative business units of Huobi Group. Last quarter, TokenInsight published data of total derivatives market trading volume on Huobi Futures reaching $438 billion, amounting to 22% of the total market trading volume. The report also put institutional traders as the major contributors of the recent growth but also a substantial increase in retail traders.

Huobi DM volumes

Spokesperson and the Head of Huobi Global Business, Ciara Sun, said:

The last few quarters have been particularly exciting for the crypto derivatives market, but I’m more excited that the increased activity we’re seeing today may be a catalyst for widespread crypto adoption. Rising demand for crypto derivatives from both institutional and retail user bases signifies growing acceptance of digital assets and a maturing market, so we’re positioning Huobi Futures to bridge the gap towards traditional financial markets.

The rebranding of Huobi Futures aims to make the derivatives exchange platform more appealing to a wider audience and help it continue on its current growth path as it develops new derivative products and expands its user base.

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