Gemini launches Gemini Custody – an institutional grade custody product with 18 coins


The Gemini exchange has just launched the Gemini Custody, an institutional grade custody solution that includes 18 digital currencies, one of which is the Ethereum token. All users on the exchange will be able to trade the cold crypto storage in custody immediately. In addition, Gemini Custody will also support 18 other currencies that are no in the cold storage of the exchange.

Before the launch of the custody solution, clients needed to wait more than a day to have access to their assets and actually execute any trades. The new solution allows these clients to instantly access and trade their assets without having to wait.

The new system with the new interface will enable clients to check their balance accounts, withdraw money and download financial statements. What is another interesting feature is that Gemini Custody clients will also be able to allow auditors to “read-only” their transactions and balances. Customers will also be able to create a variety of sub-accounts with varying level of permission where needed.

The new solution will provide clients with much more liquidity and security, a comment made by the managing director of operations at Gemini, Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto. In addition, this is what Jeanine said regarding the custody solutions and the need for them:

Institutional investors have demonstrated a clear and growing demand for crypto, but they’ve struggled to find a solution that fully meets their complex regulatory and security requirements.




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