Exclusive: Bittrex and Bitsdaq launch new crypto exchange, interview with CEO and Chairman Ricky Ng

Exclusive: Bittrex and Bitsdaq launch new crypto exchange, interview with CEO and Chairman Ricky Ng

LeapRate Exclusive… Bitsdaq, the official Asia partner of US cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, has just announced the launch of the Bitsdaq Exchange.

Bitsdaq is the second official partner with an Asian focus selected by Bittrex, following Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit.

Ricky Ng, Bitsdaq’Chairman and CEO

Ricky Ng, Bitsdaq Chairman and CEO

We are very excited to be partnering with Bittrex on what we believe will be the next great cryptocurrency exchange,” said Ricky Ng, Bitsdaq’s Chairman and CEO. “With Bittrex’s help we will implement strict risk management practices that minimize user risk and increase the autonomy of digital asset trading to create a safe, reliable, and efficient trading platform.

Some of the main advantages of Bitsdaq include:

  • Sharing cryptocurrency market depth with Bittrex to create optimal liquidity.
  • Access to all cryptocurrency on the Bittrex and Bittrex International platforms, providing a broad market.
  • Continuous optimization of KYC and AML processes.
  • A compliant and trustworthy platform with a selection of world-quality projects which will bring opportunities to Asian users in the global market.
  • A customer service and education program to support entry level traders.

Bitsdaq’s five exclusive advantages will enable the company to establish a safe and advanced ecological closed-loop for developer parties, investment funds, trading platforms, investors and communities which will bring new vitality to the Asian market,” commented Ng.

Ricky Ng joins LeapRate today to tell us details about Bitsdaq Exchange.

LR: Hi, Ricky. Thank you for joining us today! Congratulations on the launch. We all know that secure exchanges are better. How safe is the new exchange’s website and server?

Ricky: Bitsdaq utilizes a high-performance, high-reliability, multi-layered, and multi-cluster system structure. It also has an anti-DDOS system, securing reliable operation of the platform. Our front-line network security team also deploys multi-dimensional security audits to guarantee the exchange’s eco-security.

LR: How is the liquidity?

Ricky: In terms of liquidity, we share and exchange in-depth knowledge with Bittrex, thus, we also have the liquidity of Bittrex.

LR: What are Bitsdaq Exchange’s fees?

Ricky: Our exchange fees are similar to Bittrex’s.

LR: How is the exchange’s customer support?

Ricky: We have 24-hour customer support in both Chinese and English languages. We are always ready to serve our customers.

LR: What trading pairs are available?

Ricky: We currently have the most basic trading pairs such as BTC and ETH, which will gradually expand to all the trading pairs that are on Bittrex.

LR: How many different payment options does Bitsdaq Exchange have?

Ricky: We plan to develop a USD & RMB transaction such as using cryptocurrency, fiat currency, credit cards, and debit cards.

LR: Is Bitsdaq Exchange beginner friendly?

Ricky: Our website features a complete guide that’s user-friendly for beginners, featuring a variety of operational flow charts. We also have 24-hour online customer service, which can provide a full range of services for beginners.

LR: Why use Bitsdaq Exchange?

Ricky: We have technical and security protections to ensure the safety of user funds. We also have the depth of transactions to ensure the liquidity of the exchange.

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