Educational platform launches to give insight into crypto trading

New Bitcoin and cryptocurrency platform,, has today announced its global launch date. The educational platform will be live from 4th June.

Catering to all cryptocurrency traders, as well as those with little to no experience, the educational platform will provide subscribers the opportunity to understand and learn tricks and tips on crypto trading. Insight and educational tools will be provided from leading analysts within the industry, with the end of goal of helping subscribers to improve their trading portfolios.

Offering a wealth of information through a series of blog posts, interactive discussions, webinars, live events, detailed reports and more, will cover current trends, keeping subscribers up-to-date on the cryptocurrency landscape. All of this content will be delivered on an elegant platform, designed from the ground up exclusively for this service.

Bob Loukas, Founder of said:

As we continue to see cryptocurrency trading become the norm, a lot of seasoned and independent traders have begun investing in Bitcoin and other tokens with varied results. There is often an air of uncertainty on what to do next and with little understanding of the market, it can be a daunting space to enter. We want to remove that uncertainty and by working with the most knowledgeable experts, will be a one-stop-subscription service to end all the cryptocurrency confusion.

Designed to be affordable and accessible, the platform will launch with at least six dedicated analysts, available to provide their expertise, with more to contribute as the platform begins to expand. All analysts are experts of their craft and experiences range from Wall Street trading, to authors and technical analysts. The platform will launch with leading cryptocurrency and Bitcoin analysts Peter Brandt, Tone Vays, Bob Loukas, CTheLight Trading, Big Ched’s and Haejin offering their know-how.

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