Australia with the first cryptocurrency bank

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Banks and financial institutions are all over the place with cryptocurrencies: they “love” them, they “hate” them. And while blockchain is sweeping the floor with new applications in hundreds of industries and companies, the future of cryptocurrencies is yet unclear.

One surprising rumour right now is that the first cryptocurrency bank is going to open in Australia. The idea comes from the Australian millionaire Fred Schebesta, the cofounder of the company Finder.

What is more, the entrepreneur has stated that the bank will be built within the next year and a half and that the idea is a grand one – more than $1 billion to be invested in the cryptocurrency project.

In a recent comment, Schebesta said that while the cryptocurrency market is volatile and not yet understood completely, he and his team have the knowledge and expertise to realize the big project.

Schebesta has significant experience in the field, however. His company Finder is basically a website that draws comparison between leading financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and other. The company itself started comparison services on digital coins in the autumn of 2017. Now, after the successful year, the CEO has set his eyes on launching an entire crypto bank.

Schebesta’s idea is to make people autonomous when it comes to their funds. Given the experience and aggressive steps of the CEO of Finder and the other inspiring crypto-expert, who launched his own OTC cryptocurrency exchange, while also the co-founder of Finder, Frank Restuccia, the cryptocurrency bank may be closer than Australia expects.

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