From WEF 2019 – South Africa as a top blockchain destination

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The World Economic Forum is a much awaited event, especially when some of the “hottest” technologies are on the table: blockchain, digitalization, economic development, etc. It appears that there is a new blockchain “power” that is emerging right now.

South Africa is currently positioned perfectly to be a global blockchain player among other “giants” such as Japan, Estonia, Switzerland and others. Diginex, a global blockchain fintech company, is setting up a special hub in Cape Town with the intention to expand operations and infrastructure around blockchain. The Head of Diginex for Africa, Mr. Nick von Christierson, commented on the positive development:

There is real opportunity with the developing world and Africa because there are no real legacy systems in place. You are building from the ground up. This is a unique advantage compared to the developed world where you have a lot of intermediaries in place, in some cases centuries old…

In addition to the willingness and high desire of South Africa to develop as a major blockchain global hub, comes the fact that this part of the continent has the best internet infrastructure, excellent banking system and tech infrastructure.

Some of the considered destinations for setting up hubs are: Johannesburg, Lagos, Kigali, and Cape Town. The other big advantage that these destinations have is the number of talented people who can actually develop the hubs and contribute to the blockchain development projects.

According to the African News Agency (AWA), Diginex advises with NGOs governments, inter-governmental organisations on blockchain infrastructure, design and implementation. This gives the company an edge when it comes to developing South Africa as a top blockchain / tech destination.

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