0xΩ – the blockchain-based religion

There is now a blockchain-based religion called  0xO, which stands for Zero Ex Omega. The idea is a new one and is being developed by the former CEO of Augur, the decentralized oracle and prediction platform based on the Ethereum network.

Blockchain is everywhere. The number of industries that now use blockchain for business and for different applications is voluminous. Blockchain is even going to be used for collecting and preserving artifacts on the Moon. Now, there is the idea that a whole new religion can be born out of blockchain, but not necessarily in the “spiritual” sense.

0xΩ will be a system functioning as a mechanism for worship. According to BusinessInsider, the Zero Ex Omega “will present both a blockchain system for pre-established religions, and a new faith-based order of its own”.

The business partner of Matt Liston is Avery Singer, who presented a CGI piece that might be the cornerstone for future forms of prayers.

White it may seem unorthodox to create a new “religion” out of blockchain, the idea behind cryptocurrencies is the belief that people have in them. Basically, the price of Bitcoin and many altcoins is driven by market sentiment. The value of Bitcoin is driven by what people agree it’s worth, as Warren Buffet has pointed out several times now.

So the idea of educating people on a new type of religion through blockchain may not be so out there, after all.

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