The Bitcoins that are sold for $1 – by Walmart and Frankford

Bitcoin is definitely taking a plunge these days. The cryptocurrency is trading for around $6,500 at the time of this writing. Even hodlers seem anxious to see what will happen with the “people’s currency”.

Walmart, on the other hand, is selling a different kind of Bitcoin – the Frankford ones – for as little as $1. The retail giant is actually not selling the real cryptocurrency, of course, but a chocolate “bitcoins”, each weighing 1.42 ounces.

The so-called Frankford Bitcoins are a chocolate dessert that is made with the help of Frankford Candy, which has been in existence since 1947.

It seems that while the price of Bitcoin is going down, businesses keep “adding” the cryptocurrency “spice” to their “recipes”. Frankford Candy is just one example of a business that has become creative in capturing the cryptocurrency craze.

Another company that saw its business leap after altering its name is the Long Island Iced Tea Corporation that eventually became Long Blockchain Corporation.

Bitcoin used to reach levels of $20,000 in the winter of 2017, and now the future of the coin is quite unsure. At least, the Frankford Bitcoin is quite affordable and this is good.


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