HyberBitcoinisation – $100m per coin


Bitcoin is currently priced at around $6,490 according to several major cryptocurrency exchanges. The “people’s currency” took major hits in the past few weeks, dropping even below $6,000, when in December 2017, the coin was hitting $20,000 on a weekly basis for a short period of time.

Despite the fluctuation, however, positivity on Bitcoin’s future is constantly rising. The most recent example comes from the idea of Bitcoin becoming the dominant currency in the world and hitting the staggering $100,000,000 per coin by 2030. The Yahoo article revealing such projections was attributed to Daniel Krawisz, who rejects such claims.

While such projection may seem absurd given the recent events, Daniel Krawisz, the co-founder of the Nakamoto Institute, firmly believes that Bitcoin has the potential to “demonetize” the whole world and become a universal payment method in just 10 years or so.

According to press, Mr. Krawisz believes that Bitcoin is currently changing the way people think of their money and how they perceive the value of currencies.

According to an article from Yahoo and Express UK, by 2030, there will be only 16.7 million coins, which means that around 20% of the entire Bitcoin supply will be lost at the valuation of $100,000,000 per coin.

While on his Twitter account Daniel Krawisz rejects any claims that he makes any sort of prediction on Bitcoin’s value or future, he has expressed some comments about hyberbitconisation and the devaluing of US dollars.

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